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High Skies - Sounds of Earth EP
includes the track 'The Shape of Things to Come' from Osmos'
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Gas 0095 remastered...  

Gas 0095 - remastered

we're very excited to bring you gas 0095 remastered, which has been painstakingly remastered at 32bit/ 96k from the original studio tapes. it's released as a drm-free mp3 for instant download, and can be played on any computer, mp3 player or ipod. it comes with an exclusive booklet of artwork, words and hi-res scans from original emit documents and images. visit the new 0095 site...

This is the first release on the new microscopics label brought to you by Gas and High Skies. visit us...

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High Skies - Sumatra   Sumatra - Video iPod update


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Video iPod (5G) version (13mb) download
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Gas remix - Visit Lumiere...  
New Gas Remix

Brand new Gas - Experiments On Live Electricity remix used on Stirred story on broadband art site Lumiere

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  Sumatra EP

Original 5.55
Clyde Mix
Atjazz Mix
Manitoba Mix

Sumatra short film... view (RealVideo)
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Burning Buildings.mp3
Emit 0004

New 10 minute High Skies track

Burning Buildings (edit1)
Burning Buildings (edit2)

Pueblo Bonito
- is it?
Red Leb - freezebee
Andy Hughes -antillia
High Skies - burning buildings
Sub - nautilus
Beatsystem - sud
International Peoples Gang - ac harmonics
Fognode - thin faces
Farfield - lure of time
Gel-Sol - jiva

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The Shipping Forecast.mp3
High Skies experiment

High Skies - The Shipping Forecast

FLUIDITIES 2CD - (Jonathan Hughes and guests)

Twelve hours of music and 121 possible combinations!
Fluidities is not your usual double CD...

The tracks on these CDs were designed so that by playing the two CDs simultaneously on separate CD players (preferably in random order) one can create dozens of unique composite tracks that are in effect, virtual collaborations between artists who may have never recorded together. In this way the CDs contain over twelve hours of music in the 121 possible combinations. For listeners with access to only one CD player Fluidities is still a complete listening experience; each piece is a full composition and the two discs contain more than two hours of music.

Limited Edition:
High Skies - The Shape Of Things To Come

disc 1
Jonathan Hughes - Snowdrift
Saul Stokes - Summer
Jonathan Hughes - Photogenic
Jussi & Jaana Väisänen - Memory II
Jonathan Hughes & David Mussen - Crescent
Susanne Brokesch - Hostile Phone
J Hughes & Naryan Padmanabha - Feel the Photons
ATOI - Dr. John Lilly's Precise Instructions
J Hughes & Hussalonia - Dictaphone Salesman, 1956
Dean Santomieri - Seahorse Pajama Haiku
Jonathan Hughes - Ophelia, the daycleaner

disc 2
Tetsu Inoue - Soft Dome  
Jonathan Hughes - Vellum  
M. Bentley - April
Jonathan Hughes & David Mussen - Two Thirteen
dreamSTATE - Molten
Jonathan Hughes - Reda  
High Skies - The Shipping Forecast
Jonathan Hughes & M. Bentley - Atlantic
Ian Boddy - Suburbia
Jonathan Hughes - Luminaria
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Red Green Blue mp3
Emit CD 0003

The first Emit release in 6 years!
The High Skies track 'RedGreenBlue'
was from the unreleased second Gas album.

Gregor Samsa - paralysis
Radium88 - loneliness long distnce space traveller
High Skies - Red Green Blue
Beatsystem - alabama
Brannan Lane - desert sunrise
International peoples gang - fireworks
Chushen & cugin - the sutra
Andy Hughes - i can't hear you
Richie Warburton - 00
Mia - savannah

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Gift Of Freedom - High Skies remix.mp3

There's a High Skies mix on the new
Charles Webster remix album 'Remixed
on the 24th July
' (peacefrog records)

Charles Webster - Remixed on the 24th July
Put Your Hurt Aside (Detroit Escalator Co Remix)
I`m Falling (Pepe Braddock Remix)
I Understand You (Ian O`Brien Mix)
Forget The Past (Brennan Green Daniel Wang Remix)
Your Life (Presence Dub)
Fox Soup (United Future Organisation Mix)
The Gift Of Freedom (High Skies Remix)
Be No-One (Jimpster Remix)
Ready (Herbert Dub)
Sweet Butterfly (Theo Parrish Mix)

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